Bible Study Questions

What follows is a list of different types of questions to help you study, or encourage others to study, the Word of God. 


I.               Bible Reading Evangelistic Questions:

  1. What did you like the most?
  2. What did you like the least?
  3. What did you not understand?
  4. What did you learn about God?
  5. Is there anything you need to do as a result?
  6. What part would you like to think about this week?


II.              Bible Study Questions

  1. Who was involved?
  2. Where did it happen?
  3. What happened?
  4. How did it happen?
  5. Why did it happen?
  6. What did it mean there and then?
  7. What is the universal principle?
  8. What does it mean to us here and now?
  9. Is there a command to follow?
  10. Is there an example to follow?
  11. Is there a principle to keep?
  12. Is there a promise to keep?
  13. Is there a sin to avoid?


III.            Questions to teach a Bible Study

1.     Understanding

  1. What does it mean?
  2. What will my listeners not understand?
  3. What do I need to explain?

2.     Belief

  1. Is it true?
  2. Do we believe it?
  3. Do we accept it?
  4. Why is this statement true?
  5. What is the connection?
  6. What is the cause-effect relationship?
  7. Why does the cause-effect relationship hold true?
  8. What could cause my listeners not to accept this statement?
  9. Do I need to prove or defend this?

3.     Behavior

  1. So what?
  2. What difference does it make?
  3. Where does it show up in real life?
  4. What are the implications?
  5. What are the practical applications?
  6. How can I concretely and specifically visualize this for my listeners?
  7. What ought to happen?
  8. What ought to change?


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