WHY people think they know more than God.

It is natural to come to the belief that the Bible is wrong about something when we put our selves/feelings/thoughts/reasoning on an equal or higher position than God.

Thus when we see something that makes no sense, we do not look for an explantion to reconcile it with other scripture, but rather conclude out of hand that it is wrong.

Thus when we see something we do not think/feel/reason is something we should do, then it makes sense to decide that part of the Bible is wrong.

This way, we can pick and choose which parts of the Bible are ‘true’ (based upon if we agree with them) or ‘not true’ or ‘wrong’ (based upon if we do NOT agree with them).

When we have no basis for what we belief, our beliefs and our reasoning and our feelings become more important than the word of God.

In cases like this, it looks like we are putting ourselves in the place of God in our lives. I worry for those who do this.

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