Has the nature of human sexuality changed?

“the nature of human sexuality has changed.”

Actually, no. Homosexuality existed in Bible times. It was condemned by God. We are always trying to say we are so much more sophisticated than people were in history. The fact is, the covering of our lives might change, but not us.

Historically, people have long used scripture to try to support themselves, their positions. At the same time, others have sought out scripture to understand what it says about certain matters and tried to adjust to live by what GOD has said. The two are very different things – the first is selfish and lends itself to twisting of scripture to justify sin. The latter is seeking God’s will and being obedient. People have done both through history, with more of the former than the latter. It is no different today.

People have not changed: we’re sinners, just like Adam and Eve. We’re selfish, just like Adam and Eve. We seek to justify ourselves, just like Adam and Eve. It does not matter what the sin; sin (in what ever form) is ultimately selfishness.


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