What is meant by asking in Jesus’ name?

I’m probably going to upset folks here.

Do you think ‘ask in my name’ just means to use the words literally? I think it means more than that. I think it also means to be part of the family and ask what HE would ask.

When I a kid, I used to go to the corner store, where my dad ran a tab (he had credit with this store and would pay on payday). I could go in and get a loaf of bread and ask them to put it on my dad’s tab. I was asking for the bread in his name. However, the moment I would try to get candy and ask them to put it on my dad’s tab, they would say no. Because while I was asking in my dad’s name, it really was not something he would have gotten, and they knew that. It got to the point where when I came in and picked up a loaf of bread, they’d simply ask me if it was on my dad’s tab. I didn’t even have to ask.

We should be walking so closely with God that we ask often but only for the things HE would have us have. Then whatever we ask for we will receive – because we will only ask for those things God wants us to have and we are walking in such close relationship that when we ask, its obvious we are asking in His name.

See James 4:1-3; 1 John 5:14-15.


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