The Bible and Experience

The question is, should we interpret the Bible based on our experience, or should we interpret our experience based on the Bible.

Many times, we want to believe our understanding and rationalization of our experiences are valid. We put ourselves in God’s place. But in reality, while we have our experiences, and they DID happen, our understanding of them is limited. God on the other hand is not limited. He wrote the Bible. It is corect in all that it attests to.


Thus, if we believe God is all powerful and loving, we have to agree the Bible was written by God, using men, and God is powerful enough to have kept it through out time saying the message He wants us to read.

This is where I say when you try to explain the Bible in light of your experiences, you are trying to reconcile the Word of God to your experience, rather than your experience to thee Word of God. The first says I have my experience, and it is valid as I understand it, therefore the word of God is not right and I must interpret the word of God in such a way as to agree with and explain my experience. The latter says I have the Bible and it is valid, therefore I have to interpret my experience in light of what the Bible says to explain my experience. These are slightly, but distinctly, different things.

I submit we should always understand our experiences in light of what the Bible says. Sometimes we have to expand an interpretation of the Bible, but we do not change what the Bible says.

This in turn changes what we do and how we act. We should always go with the Bible as the basis for our lives. If we are doing something God has deemed as sin, then we should stop. If we are not doing something God said we should do, then we should do it.

God is more powerful than we are. God knows more than we do. God loves us more than we can imagine. He has a plan for us. He wants us to be, and act, certain ways. He has told us what these are in the Bible. If He is all powerful, he would not make mistakes and can be trusted. IF God can be trusted and is all powerful, then the Bible can be trusted as well.


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