Reparative Therapy Works

Reparative therapy must for work at least some folks, as the guy who pushed to remove homoseuxality from the DSM, Dr. Robert Spitzer, has come out with a study showing at least some highly motivated people have come out the other side. See for more info.

Before he came out with the study, he was the pride and joy of the LGBT groups, now he is roundly condemned by them and they try hard to discredit his peer reviewed research.

I know its hard to leave sin behind sometimes. I also know it will pop back up later, sometimes years later. This does not mean the sin should engaged in. 

Regardless of whether reparative therapy works, progressively leaving more and more sin behind is what is required from us by God. Claiming Christ and living in habitual, purposeful, recurring, sin is at best hypocritical, and at worst calling God a liar when He wrote that people who love Christ do not go on sinning (1 John 3:4-10).

Also, in regards to whether homosexual desire and sex are sins, unless you are looking for justification, I dont see how anyone can look at Romans 1 and not believe ‘Men committed indecent acts with other men’ and ‘women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones’ is not talking about homosexuality being a sin. Nor do I see how one can look at the original terms for lust (epiqumia), desire (transliterated orexis), passion (transliterated pathos), and not see the desire of a man for man or woman for woman is sin.


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