What makes something right?

WIthout a standard for morality, everything goes. If you say something is harmful, but I say it is not, who is right? If I can ‘prove’ something harms people, and you can ‘prove’ the same thing does not, who is right? Who gets to decide?

I used to be Wiccan. This is a religion that values “do as you want as long as you do not harm others”. The problem is that there is no objective definition of harm. For some, it meant not even being able to pray for someone else without their permission. For others, it meant doing anything to prevent greater harm.

WIthout an objective standard, you get people saying it is ok to murder children and adults based on their perceived value to society. And I am not comparing homosexuality to murderers or abusers. I am saying there must be a standard. You say the law provides that, but the law is based on the mores of society at the time. So it becomes ok to murder because the government says so. It becomes ok to murder old, or terminally ill, people because they are a drain on society. If you think this does not happen now, it is happening in Europe, and even here in the US.

What makes something right or wrong? Might? Majority?

Most of the morals that have been in place in this society have been fundamentally based on the Bible. Now that we are removing the Bible from our lives, the morals of this country are degrading. This is why we have divorce, abortion, sex out of marriage is common and expected, etc.

God is the one who created us. It is His game, not ours. It is His universe, not ours. God determines what is right or wrong, regardless of how we feel about it. God’s truth is what is right. Truth is not subjective, but is fact. Click here to see what God had to say about truth.

We can see what God says only by reading the Bible. See this link to see who wrote the Bible.


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