Hiding behind the Bible

During a discussion concerning the corrupting influence of the media, in reference to me using the Bible to guide my life and as a reference for why things are good or bad, someone wrote, “dont hide behind the bible to argue a point. No solid and logical arguement can be made by referencing what is at worst a collection of moral tales and fables. I may be a christian, but to believe that one book holds all the answers and is the bedrock for any arguement reeks of fallacy and human arrogance.”

I thought this was an important topic to discuss here.

The Bible was breathed by God Himself. How big is your idea of God? God is all powerful, loving, righteous, just. He wants us to be in a relationship with Him. As such, He provided the Bible for us to get to know who He is, what He has done, and what He wants for us and from us. It behooves us to read it and use it to guide our lives.

If we think God is not all powerful and not able to provide a manual for life that answers many, if not all, the questions of life, then I submit we have God in too small a box. I happen to think God is bigger than I can imagine and more powerful than I can imagine. We need to stop trying to make God conform to us, and allow ourselves to conform to what He has said He wants for us.

I never said all television, movies, books, video games, etc. are evil. I said, “People need to wake up to the corrupting influence movies, television, radio, magazines, newspapers and books can have. Some of these things can provide positive and helpful ideas. Most are so corrupted by the world as to provide no truth what so ever.”

These things can be corrupting. I have spent a lot time helping young men and women come to understand what it means to be God’s people. Often we are so calloused by what we watch or do that we are unable to discern God’s will for us or the effect that the world has on us. What we watch and listen to and who we hang around with affects us, for good or bad. I use the bible to help guide my life, as God has provided us much wisdom in it that is far superior to the wisdom of what man provides. Since God has provided this tool for us, we would be arrogant to think we do not need it, or that we know better than God, or that God is not powerful enough to have provided such a tool.

It is not being arrogant or self-righteous to recognize I am not as smart as God. It is not egotistical to think I know less than God. I consider myself lucky to have been called by God to be His child and to be used by God for His purpose. I only pray I can become stronger in my faith and weaker in my flesh and walk closer with God and become more able to hear and obey Him.


2 Responses

  1. Very well said. Any time I make a defense of Chrisianity, or of the validity of the Bible, I get taken to task for siting any verse of scripture. “You can’t use the Bible to prove the Bible,” is the very vocal objection. We don’t use this same logic in other cases. If John Doe were on trial for a crime, the lawyers on both sides would question John Doe about his wherabouts, his motives, and his alibies. When examining an artifact, we try to get the artifact itself to give up as much information as possible about its history. It is irrational to assume we can determine the truth of the Bible without being able to discuss the Bible.

    By the way, I think to claim to be a Christian and not believe that one book holds all the answers wreeks of arrogance and fallacy. Your guy “may not be” a Christian.

  2. Clark,

    Thanks for the comment. I happen to agree. At best, someone who does not believe the word of God is sadly missing some good discipleship. I fail to understand how anyone can claim to know Christ and yet fail to believe the book God provided so we can know about Him. If we claim to believe an idea and yet fail to believe that which gives us that idea, how can we truly say we believe the idea itself? This is a manipulation of the enemy to help us be ineffective, or to actually keep us from truly knowing God through Christ.

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