Is the sex drive too powerful to resist?

Someone said, “nature has made the sexual drive too strong and pleasurable to abstain from.”

Hogwash! That might be true for dogs, but we are more than dogs. The only way your statement could be true is if no one could abstain from the pleasure of sex. But many have abstained and do abstain. It only takes self-control; God’s power helps, but there have been plenty who did not have sex outside of marriage.

God has made us to be able to follow His will. His will is that we love Him with everything we are, love our neighbor as we love ourselves, and that we grow to become more holy because He is holy. This does not mean to not have self-control, but to exercise self-control. 

In what appears to be an effort to ridicule God and His word and belief in both, the questions were asked, “Were adam & eves childen married when they had sex? And was that incest?”

Marriage is the commitment of a man to a woman to go through life together. This includes sex, children, and emotional and physical support. When there were no others around, it was sufficient to make the commitment to each other, without formal recognition. As societies grew, such formal recognition became necessary. 

Yes, it was incest, since the word is defined as sex between closely related people. However, there was no problem with it at the time, because Adam and Eve had no flaws in their genes that would affect their children or even their grandchildren. It was not until later, after the consequences of Adam’s and Eve’s sin had impacted our genes via mutations, that it became an issue. At that time, the law was given to avoid incest.

Our society strives to remove all barriers to people doing what they want. In the process, they remove any emphasis on self-control and emphasize selfishness that leads to materialism and hedonism. To do this, society wants to remove God from their lives because being reminded of Him and His love and righteousness and coming judgement makes them feel bad. These are some of the reasons our society is slowly degrading.


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