What sort of men does God choose as leaders?

The statement was made, “I would think an all powerful god would have found someone a bit more capable than bush.”

God has chosen all kinds of people to be the leader of the moment. 

Gideon didn’t want to do what God wanted (Judges 6-7).

Saul was from the smallest tribe of Israel (1 Samuel 9-10) and ended up trying to murder his replacement and consulted with the dead (1 Samuel 19) and murder God’s priests (1 Samuel 22).

David was a shepherd (1 Samuel 19) who became king and later an adulterer and murderer (2 Samuel 11).

The apostles were fishermen (Matthew 4; John 1) and tax collector (Matthew 9).

Paul arrested and killed many of the first Christians (Acts 7-9).

The all powerful God uses the weak and lowly and works through them and shows His power and glory through what is accomplished.


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