Does God use bad things for His purposes?

In disgust, someone asked, “Did god ‘bless’ america as the indigenous peoples of the americas were subjected to genocide by the europeans. what did god think of blacks taken from africa against their will and enslaved and torture in ‘blessed’ america by the europeans?  Did god bless america as blacks were lynched by the thousands even after the civil war? did god bless america when it overthrew the iranian prime minister in 1953 to protect US and British oils interests. If not for the overthrow and installation of the autocratic shah, Iran might very well be a democratic republic today. Did god bless america as it was dropping thousands of tons of bombs and agent orange on the Vietnamese, millions were civilians Perhaps you should reconsider the ‘bless america’ thing.”

God has blessed those people who love Him. Many of those who founded this nation and who have been citizens of it have loved God. Because of that, He has blessed those around them. God uses war to accomplish His purposes, just as He uses heart attacks, love, children, brothers, parents, tornados, hurricanes, and other things that we consider good and bad. 

But do not forget both protestant and catholic church spoke out against slavery and murder. Do not confuse people using anything to justify their desires with God and His will. People do not need religion to justify bad behavior – take a look at Russia, North Korea, and China as examples of this fact.

Not to say everything man does is blessed by God or desired by God. People do things they should not sometimes. But just because something appears to be horrible does not mean God does not use it for His purposes. We need to have a long view, and not a short one and we need to look at things from God’s perspective and not ours. When you keep God out of government, you end up with governments like Russia, Nazi Germany, China – all known for their not-so-wonderful support for human rights.


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