Should Christians try to pass laws that are based on God’s word?

The statement was made, “what I do take issue with is that you impose your moral beliefs upon the general citizenry.”

The complaint is that Christians should not attempt to pass laws that limit people’s freedom to do what they wish (within limitations the complainant feels free to set). 

What these people do not realize is that it is impossible for people who have no morals, or have morals which do not agree with God, or have morals that DO agree with God, to keep their mental processes out of their decision making processes which affect laws (regardless of how we feel about said mental processes or decisions). The only difference between the different groups of people, in terms of why they make the decisions they do, is the basis for their thought processes. Christians who believe the word of God will use the Bible to guide their thoughts and actions.

If it is OK for people who do not believe the Bible is the word of God to use whatever they want to guide them to make their decisions, then it is OK for Christians to use the BIble to guide them to make decisions. Everyone imposes their beliefs on others – particularly in the marketplace of ideas, and even in the law making process. There is nothing wrong with people who do not claim religious beliefs to try to pass laws that favor them and their preferences. Neither is there anything wrong with people who claim religious beliefs to try to pass laws that favor them and their preferences.

Laws impose morality upon the people. Whatever the basis for those laws, you are still legislating and imposing morality upon people. Put another way, laws are the imposition of expected and accepted behavior or conduct. One may or may not agree with the process used to determine the limitations placed on our behaviors, as well as the actual laws themselves (ie. driving speed limits or legality of drug use). But this does not necessarily invalidate the thought processes used to make those laws, nor the laws themselves.

Our constitution forbids the government from establishing a religion. But short of that, the citizens of this country can attempt to pass laws as they see fit. The judicial branch must then interpret said laws in light of the constitution.

Just because someone does not like the basis for people’s decisions does not invalidate those decisions, nor the basis for those decisions. You are free to like it or not.


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