Effective Methods of Church-Based Holistic Ministry

 The Needs?

1. People Dying To Go To Hell
2. People Living In Hell

The Methods?

1. Reach Souls As Well As Bellies
2. Clothing Closet
3. Daily Worship
4. Unemployment
5. Street Fairs
6. Bible Studies
7. Tutoring
8. Counseling
9. Hospice/Hospital Visitations
10. Personal Development
11. Racial Reconciliation
12. Homeless Dinners
13. Discipleship
14. Daily Lunch
15. Support Groups
16. Community Development
17. Prayer
18. Food Closet
19. car repair
20. Others as yet unnamed

Holistic Ministry Combines:

Social Outreach/Activism

Diverse Churches Do Holistic Ministry

100 member African-American church
400 Anglo member church
Assembly of God church
Spanish speaking church
Bible Church
Lutheran Church
75 Anglo & Hispanic member church
COGIC church
Baptist church
1150 African-American, Anglo, Asian member church
Presbyterian Church, USA church

Patterns for Holistic Ministry

1. Focus on ministries of personal transformation as a path to social change;

2. Focus on social service ministries as a door to evangelism;

3. Focus on ministries of reconciliation that witness to unity in Christ;

4. Focus on community development to express God’s love for whole persons and communities;

5. Focus on justice ministries that embody the empowering message of the Gospel;

6. Focus on reaching skeptics by demonstrating that the church makes a difference.


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