Summary of marriage (15/15)

This is the fifteenth (and last) part of a series about marriage.

The Bible tells us much about how we should act – especially within a marriage.  



God created marriage. It was created to be a relationship between a man and a woman. God said it is good to marry and good to not marry, for different reasons. God said to find a spouse from among people who love Him.

The man and woman who marry are to build a life together. The first year is so important that the groom was given time to be with his new bride. A husband and wife are little more than an assembly of two people, since they are to both be believers, they, and their children, ARE a church. We are to treat our brothers and sisters in Christ with love. Not what the world calls love, but what God calls love. In doing so, there are ways we should and should not act, things we should and should not do. Part of marriage is to help us avoid sex outside of marriage, but also sin in general. Part of it is also to help us enjoy each other and help us grow closer to God through prayer. 

We should obey what God says in the Bible. We should have good character – especially within our marriages. We are the models for our children and the world to imitate.


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