Where in the Bible is the Church headquarters in Rome?

What follows is part of a conversation I had with someone regarding the Roman Catholic Church.

I asked, “Where in the Bible do we find that the headquarters for the church is to be in Rome? “

Someone responded, “Doesn’t have to. This is in reverence to St. Peter, who ended up dying in Rome. There, his successor was chosen. There, the headquarters of the Church remains.”

Part of the problem I have with this is the idea that Peter was ever head of the church. See The pope, Peter, and the foundation of the Church, What Rock did Jesus build His church upon and Peter and the rock 2 for more discussion..

Another problem I have with it is that historically, until the bishop of Rome tried to establish a centralized hierarchy in the church, all churches were guided by Bishops. These bishops would have the churches of a particular geographic area under their care. All bishops were considered to be the same level. In some cases, there were bishops who guided other bishops – much like a pastor of pastors. But these bishops were still at the same level of authority as all other bishops – there was no hierarchy as exists in the Roman Catholic Church. It was through agreements of the majority of bishops that major doctrinal issues were decided. The bishop of bishops of an area is known as a Partriach or an archbishop or a metropolitan. The bishop of Rome was considered to be at the same level as the patriarchs who guided churches of various regions – one among equals. The patriarch of Rome was given the honor of “first place in honor” because of its influence in the Roman Empire. But this was an honor, not a rank or position of leadership.
See https://wbmoore.wordpress.com/2008/07/21/the-split-between-roman-catholic-and-orthodox-churches/ for more discussion on this.


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