There is a difference between what Roman Catholics and Protestants consider the 10 Commandments

Regarding the Decalogue, when did you ever hear of a Catholic referring to the 9 commandments??? There’s 10, and actually more than 10, it’s a difference of division.

Well, yes there are 613 commandments in the Mosaic Law.

However, we are speaking of the ten taught to most people. Roman Catholics subsume the order to not have idols under the 1st commandment, and make two out of the command to not covet ( ), based upon Augustine ( ), whereas Protestants and Orthodox Catholics separate the command to not have other gods before Him from the command to not make idols, and hold to one command on not coveting ( ). Why the change? Could it be because of the felt necessity to use statues and Christ on the cross, in a time when the church was making it hard (if not impossible) for the average person to read the Bible? I really wonder about this.


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