Should Christians avoid government?

There are many fine Christians who do not believe that Christians should be involved in government. They believe that being involved in politics, or government in general, causes one to ignore the need to lead people to Christ. They believe that by being involved in politics is like trying to wash the outside of the cup, whle ignoring the inside.  These people hold to the truth that our jobs as Christians is to lead people to Christ.  This is true, we should. But people still have to make a living. And people still need to be in government.  Our purpose in this life is to bring glory to God – where ever He leads us to be, doing what ever He wants us to do.

Some people think that God does not want Chrisitans involved in government. But recall that God determine who will be the rulers (Romans 13:1-2). If God did not want Christians involved in it, since He determines who the rulers are, He would never have put any Christians into government. Historically, just the opposite has occured. We see the fact that God is ok with Christians in government in the Bible as well. The tax collectors in Luke 3:12-13 were not told to stop being tax collectors. Instead, they were told to collect no more than they were supposed to. The soldiers in Luke 3:14-15 were not told to leave the military, but were told to not take money by force, not falsely accuse people, and be content with their wages.

There are other fine Christians who believe the role of mankind is to change the world through government to bring the peace of God to earth. They believe that Christians need to run the world, finances, government, etc.  They believe that by doing so that Christ’s return will be ushered in.  But the thing is, this is not right either.

We must do what God puts in our path. We must bring God glory, while leading people to Christ. Then we must continue to bring God glory and disciple believers, showing them how to live for Christ.

I dont think one should ignore the outside of the cup when washing it. I doubt few have ignored people’s souls in favor of dirty politics. Paul worked for a living, and it was appropriate to do so. There is nothing wrong with people making thier living working in government. Why ignore the outside of the child you are trying to heal with medicine he takes internally? If you do, more illlness will come.

People need Christ. Our government needs true Christians, otherwise the moral compass of the government with spin, as it has been doing more and more. We need to have more Christians in office, not to pass laws to force church upon people, but to help government make better decisions.

I think many people who complain about the idea of christians in government are often reacting against dominionism. I think both are wrong. God is supreme. He does not need our filthy rags. Yet He uses them. He calls us to repentance and holy living, to live in the world without being part of it. Government, military, and politics are part of the world. They should not be abandoned by Christias.

This does not mean politics is the answer to all our problens, as Christ is. But we should focus on the internal man while also cleaning the outside. We do this in part by providing an environment that protects lives and freedom. This is best done by prayer, evangelism, and discipleship. But you evagelize by getting access to people. Being in government provides access to people you would not otherwise have. Part of providing said environment is being in places where people who love Christ can make right choices ro ptrotect lives and freedoms.

So, no. Christians should not avoid government. If God leads you to enter politics, the military, police department, or some other form of civil service, then by all means be obedient to that call. Use that opportunity to love God and share that love with others.  Lead others to Christ; disciple others. Help our government havve a moral compass.


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