Politics: should Christians be involved or not?

Someone has used the analogy that we should wash the inside of the cup, meaning we should focus on evangelism and ignore politics and government.

I dont think one should ignore the outside of the cup when washing it. I wash dishes all the time. I’ve noticed, the water usually gets on the outside first. I usually squirt extra soap in the inside and get it wet and soapy inside and out before rinsing it. I do not drink from a cup that is dirty, inside or out. Why put your lips on filth even if the inside is clean?

You can’t ignore the outside while paying attention to the inside. You don’t ignore the fact that a man is starving to death while he is bleeding to death and still in need of Christ. You set priorities, share Chirst while stopping the bleeding, but before he’s ‘healed’ from that, you address the starvation as well. Do evangelism, but also be a good steward in the political realm.

To ignore the political realm is to be a bad steward of what God has given us. I am not saying try to make this a Christian nation (nation full of christians) through the political realm. I don’t think that works.

I doubt few true Christians have ignored peoples souls in favor of dirty politics. Paul worked for a living, & it is appropriate to do so. There is nothing wrong with people making thier living working in government.

Why ignore the outside of the child you are trying to heal with medicine he takes internally? If you do, more illlness will come. People need Christ. Our government needs true Christians, otherwise the moral compass of the government with spin, as it has been doing more & more. We need to have more christians in office, not to pass laws to force church upon people, but to help government make better decisions.

I think many people who complain about the idea of christians in government are often reacting against dominionism. I think both are wrong. God is supreme. He does not need our filthy rags. Yet He uses them. He calls us to repentance and holy living, to live in the world without being part of it.

This does not mean politics is the answer to all our problens, as Christ is. But we should focus on the internal man while also cleaning the outside. We do this in part by providing an environment that protects lives and freedom. This is best done by prayer, evangelism, & discipleship. But you evagelize by getting access to people. Being in government provides access to people you would not otherwise have. Part of providing said environment is being in places where people who love Christ can make right choices that ptrotect lives & freedoms.

I think its possible to be involved in government and politics and not succumb to the immoralities many are involved with. If the soldiers and tax collecters could be in their positions in the time of Christ and be told to do their jobs without taking advantage of people (Luke 13:12-14), then would Christ tell the politicians and other people in government to get out or to do your job and not sin? I think the latter.

Our society has confused licentiousness with liberty. They believe they should be ‘free’ to do what they wish. Everyone, including children, have the right to do so. But parents should not be free to raise your children as God has taught – that would be harming the licentiousness of the children (excuse me, that should have read liberty). Puhlease! If Christians disengage from society and ignore politics, we risk laws being passed that send us to jail because we are obedient to God. While this might truly separate the wheat from the chaff, that’s God’s job and not ours.

Can we legislate morality? Yes and no. All laws are a legislation of morality. Do people internalize them? Only if they remain part of the society long enough. But does it help? Yes and no. I doubt it will lead people to Christ, which is the most important thing. But it can protect lives, which is the role of government.

Should Christians relegate politics to the unsaved? No. We must engage in our society as God has called us. Some of us will not be called to politics (and personally, I would hate it). But some of us WILL be called to political life. We need to be faithful to what God has called us to do and be. To do otherwise is to sin and be bad stewards of what God has given us.


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