Ever notice Peleg is in the genealogy of Christ?

Luke, in Luke 3, mentioned that Peleg was in the genealogy of Jesus. I noticed this yesterday. This is the same man during whose time the earth was divided (Genesis 10:25; Genesis 11:16-18; 1 Chronicles 1:19).  If you will note, it is in Genesis 11 that God writes about the tower of Babel and His confusing the language of man. 

Does the mentioning of the dividing of the earth at the time of Peleg, who is mentioned just before and just following the mention of the confusing of man’s language speak to the division of mankind by language because of their desire to make a name for themselves instead of looking to God? I think it does. I think God wants us to look to Him and glorify HIS name, rather than glorify ourselves. I think this is an example of where God chose to do something about it.

We are to look to God and find ways of glorifying Him, rather than looking to ourselves and making a name for us.


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