How I chose to go to Bible College

People have asked me about my past, and I thought I would take this time to write a little something about how I chose to go to Bible College.

In the Spring of 1997, I committed to seeking God’s will for me. I attended a Maximum-Man Conference where I focused my learning on evangelism and discipleship, as those are the areas that interested me. That summer, I heard a sermon on full time vocational ministry and felt an electric shock run through my body at the thought of being God’s preacher. Shortly after that, I committed to whatever God wanted me to do for him full time. Although I was unsure what form my ministry would eventually take, I originally thought I was being called to some sort of ministry counseling families – perhaps as a Christian Counselor.  I already had a bachelor’s degree in computer science and systems design, so I could have gone directly to seminary. But the only seminaries where I lived were either liberal (and did not follow or teach the Bible), did not accept previously divorced men, or were known to have a particular doctrinal point I found was against what is in the Bible.

My wife and I both began to feel I was being called by God to get training in Bible and Theology and Psychology. I told God that if He wanted me to go to college, He would have to provide a way, because I was working full time as a computer system administrator and was on call 24 hours/day, 7 days/week – and had been known to work for three days straight. This made it impossible to go to school. A week later I was offered a job by a friend of mine with the same company at which I was already working – no promotion or raise, but I could get back into computer programming (something I had wanted to do for years) and I could name my own hours and would not be on-call. So I gave in and went to apply to become a student at Crichton College. I had planned on being a half-time student, but when I spoke with an admissions counselor, he told me if I would apply to be a full-time student, he would give me a scholarship to pay half the tuition. It seems God wanted me to attend Crichton College. So I began taking courses in Bible, Theology, and Psychology.

I attended Crichton College full time while working full time for FedEx for 2 years. Once I completed 48 hours in Bible, Theology, and Psychology at Crichton College, I knew it was God’s will for me to stop attending college. I had thought perhaps it was so I could move forward with a degree in counseling, but I had no peace about that, so I did not continue with my education at the time.

I have used my traiing to evangelize, teach, disciple, prepare lessons, prepare sermons, preach, counsel. I think my time in Bible college was what God wanted for me, it strengthened my faith and improved my walk with God, and it prepared me to learn how to minister.

I have since taken graduate classes at Trinity International University (Miami campus), and Union University in Bible and Theology. I am still praying to be able to complete my masters of divinity and a masters in psychology.


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