How We moved for God

I had been ministering in Spanish to first generation Hispanic immigrants. Eventually, God shut down that ministry.  But I attended Church Planter’s Boot Camp with the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) in the Spring of 2000. In May I received a promotion at my job. Then in June the company reassigned me from the original company to a new subsidiary which was created for IT personnel and customer service. I mention this because it becomes important later in the story.

I sought guidance and prayed for a mentor, as I knew no one who could guide me in the area of Hispanic ministry, and I felt woefully inept. God led me to attend the EFCA leadership conference, where I spent time with Latino preachers, and especially with Enrique Fernandez  (then the executive director of the EFCA/UIM, who lived in Miami Florida at the time), and Ken Schafer, an elder of La Viña del Señor – an EFCA church in Miami Florida. While at the conference, the people who attended a session on evangelism were prayed over to become effective evangelists for God. On the way home, my flight was cancelled and I was moved to a different airline and plane. I met a young lady who it turned out went to the same high school my wife had attended. I evangelized her using the Prince of Egypt video imagery and story. She chose to pray to accept Jesus as her savior on that flight; praise be to God.  That was the first person I had ever led to Christ.

When I returned home from the leadership conference, my wife asked me if I thought the EFCA would send us to language school. I told her that I didn’t know and suggested she pray about it. The next week, my boss told me during a staff meeting of a job opening in Miami for a computer programmer.  I looked into it and told my wife about it. When I asked her how she felt about moving to Miami, she said she felt peace about it. This was not a normal way of speaking or feeling for my wife. Once I had talked to Enrique Fernandez about the possibility, and we spoke of ministry possibilities, she said she felt God wanted us in Miami more than in Memphis. After praying and seeking counsel, I talked to the manager of the position in Miami. We interviewed each other and then he flew me down for a face-to-face interview. I looked into the cost of living in Miami and realized it was much higher than Memphis, where I was living at the time. So I asked for a significant raise. The manager told me he could not offer me that salary. I told him I didn’t need the job. HE ended up speaking with the Vice President of the Latin American Caribbean company and received permission to offer me the salary I had asked for. He would not have been able to do so if I was with his subsidiary. But because I had been moved to a different company, he was able to do so because I was treated a new hire, rather than someone who already worked for the company. We put the house up for sale, and discovered there were 24 houses for sale within one square block. But we got a contract on the house within three weeks, for the price we asked for. Within 6 weeks of hearing of the position, I was in Miami.

We searched for the house we felt God wanted us to live in. We eventually found it. Then the day after we moved in, we received $2700 worth of unexpected bills. We couldn’t afford to pay them. But we knew it was the house God had wanted us to purchase, so we prayed, “God, you told us you wanted us to buy this house. This is your house.  We can’t pay these bills, so please pay them for us.” The next day we received $2700 in unexpected checks from multiple sources. God had confirmed He wanted us in Miami and in that house.


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