What must be understood, to accept Christian ethics as the best ethics?

I was going over some writing from when I was taking a course in Ethics while attending Bible College, and I thought the information would be good discussion material.  I do not recall the source material. If anyone recognizes any of this, please let me know, so I can attribute it appropriately.

To be able to understand that Christian ethics are the best ethics, one must understand that they were imposed by a personal God who is separate from His creations.  One must understand that the concepts and examples taught in the Old and New Testaments are infallible.  One must understand that God loves His creation, and gave His only Son to pay the price for our sins, to be able to love Him enough to desire to want to follow His ethics. To be able to accept for one’s own peace of mind that Christian ethics are absolutes, one must understand and accept that they come from God. One has to be able to show that the proof one uses to show God decreed ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ is trustworthy. One must be able start from a supported position and show that God did come and give man absolute laws that define how man should live. If one could remove the basis for believing Christ was resurrected, then there would be nothing to believe in and no reason to believe in God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, or that the Christian ethics are absolutes. The historical argument provides an understandable way to defend against someone who would do this. It allows people to see that Christ IS God and therefore can set absolute religious, ethical and phhilosophical laws that have divine character.


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