What are New Age Ethics?

I was going over some writing from when I was taking a course in Ethics while attending Bible College, and I thought the information would be good discussion material.  I do not recall the source material. If anyone recognizes any of this, please let me know, so I can attribute it appropriately.

The core experience of the New Age is the cosmic consciousness, in which ordinary categories of space, time and morality tend to disappear.  Appearance is reality.  Self-realization is the realization that the self and the cosmos are the same place.  Since there is no difference between self and the universe, the category of ethics disappears – there is no universal right or wrong.  Depending on one’s viewpoint, either there are no ethics or your create your own ethics.  What matters is you.

Let us look at the scenario presented yesterday from a New Age perspective:

Suppose an employee who works in a job where he is not directly supervised needs to take off from work to take care of his sick children. The problem is that he has no personal time to use and needs to be paid for the time taken off.  At this company, sick time can only be used for personal sickness, not that of dependents or a spouse.

The employee would decide what to do using his own reason and personal sense of ethics that he built on his own and whatever was decided is what would be right. He may choose to work it with his boss to take the time off and make it up later; alternatively he could take off from work and tell no one and it would not be wrong.  Any choice he made would be “right.”


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  1. a very blanced and good piece! =)

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