Does the suffering people go through mean God does not exist?

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1) While often a person does indeed grow stronger through suffering, the majority of suffering in this world (in general), is not suffered by Christians. I see little of your God’s grace revealed when babies are butchered in Sri Lanka, or the provider for a family in Somalia dies from cancer, and his family then starves.

Two issues with this particular concern.
The first is that God has give mankind the freedom to make his own choices. Those choices affect others – sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. Sometimes what is apparently a short-term good actually turns out to be a long turn bad for the same person, or for others. The same is true for what sometimes appears to be a short-term bad – it can in fact be a long term good for the individual or for others.

You are also limiting your view to the physical. While many attrocities occur in the world, those things often move people to look for God. If they are truly looking, they will find God. People will be held accountable for what they do – if not in this life then at judgement time. It is then when God’s grace and love will be revealed in a manner no one can argue about. God gives people chance after chance to look at creation and find Him, and to make the right decisions. But man in his finite selfishness often chooses to ignore what God has provided, or at best ignore God while accepting the blessings.

Yes, it is horrible when people are murdered or raped or worse. But this does not mean God is not helping people through those times. Nor does it mean God does not exist. It merely means mankind is capable of horrible things apart from God.


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  1. In the end, God is sovereign & omnipotent, etc. Why one people suffer and other peoples do not, or as much, is simply within the will and providence of God.

    But does God have an elect or chosen group of people, unto regeneration and salvation?

    “And when the Gentiles heard this, they began rejoicing and glorifying the word of the Lord, and as many as were appointed to eternal life believed.” (Acts 13:48, ESV)
    We must note, that here “were appointed” is the passive voice (gk) shows that God was the agent. Only God can give eternal life, but the verb is in the perfect tense, showing the action took place in the past. But the result is certain and sure for the present.
    Fr. Robert

  2. Suffering is the result of man’s fall into sin. God created a perfect world and fair world for us, and to do so he also gave us free will. Man chose to stray from the holyness of God and has suffered the consequences ever since. In a nut shell, we have nobody to blame but ourself.

  3. I can’t agrue with that, Michael.

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