More on suffering and God’s grace

(from here)

… Much of the suffering taking place on this world does not even involve humans. Animals get injured, starve, and die horrible deaths due to disease that has nothing to do with humans and our own enlightenment (or our sins). Animals, from hippos down to microbes, are ripped apart, or even eaten whole and conscious. Often an animals’ cruel death serves no purpose whatsoever… How was God’s glory and grace served the last few times comets hit the Earth and caused untold suffering to billions of feeling creatures, all before humans even existed? Was that not needless cruelty?

There are trees which can only begin growth through fire. Is it needless to allow a forrest fire so these trees can begin life? No. Are the instances when some suffer due to drought or famine or something else? Yes. Does this mean God is not being gracious or loving or even kind when one looks at the bigger picture? No. It does not. Sometimes animals are cleared from an area, but this opens up that area for other animals. Again, sometimes what appears to be horrible (and for the individual might be) in the long term may not be.

You seem limit your view of God on the short term and the individual. While those are important, so is the long term and the organism as a whole. Doctors sometimes perform radical surgery to save a life. Does this make the doctor unfeeling or uncaring? Of course not. People and anmials make choices. Those choices affect themselves and others. God allows all his creatures to make choices. Those choices affect others. THis does not mean God is not there. Nor does it mean God is not showing His grace when He does, or allows, what appear to be horrible things from our limited perspective.

If we did not have free choice, He would not have had to send His Sone to suffer and die for our sins. But God does not want robots – He wants thinking, feeling, independent creatures to make the choice for Him.


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