Should the church substitute for Holloween?

A fairly recent change in the church world has been for churches to provide a “harvest festival” or a “trunk-o-treat” where people come together to dress up in a safe environment and give out candy. It provides an alternative to trick or treating.

I suppose its better than actually trick or treating, in that it tries to help keep people safe. Some churchs DO provide an evangelistic message also, although few trunk-o-treats I have seen do that.

But it strikes me that for a church to do such a thing is the same thing as the Catholic Church marrying paganism with the church. Instead of building up the church, it flooded churches with pagans in the guise of christians. Instead of teaching about God and the fact that He sent His Son to suffer and die for our sins, and be resurrected on the third day to show God’s power over death and Christ’s deity, the Roman Catholic Church embraced pagan practices and gods/goddesses in the guise of embracing others.

Rather than standing apart from the world concerning a most pagan practice, the church has instead chosen to embrace it. I think the trunk-o-treat focuses on dressing up (in what for most is make believe) and getting candy while attempting to ignore the fact that it is on the night of holloween (or the night before, depending on the tradition) that people who worship demons and/or practice communication with the dead seek to do what God has said not to do. Rather than white-washing demonic practices and embracing watered down versions of demonic practices, shouldn’t God’s people focus others on the suffering, death, and resurrection of Christ? 

One of my sons said he was told it was OK to do trunk-o-treat on holloween, because the motivation is not to worship Satan or the satanic. That’s just plain silly. Your motivation can be pure and you still be doing something wrong. For instance, if you believe that running through a certain path would help someone get home safely and quickly, you would direct them to take that path, with pure motives of wanting to help keep someone safe. But if in fact that path led through an encampment of crazy murderers and rapists, would you have actually been helping that person? No, you would have been endangering that person – but with the purest of motives. Pure motives combined with bad information makes for bad choices. The same goes for having anything to do with holloween.

The Church should have nothing to do with what the world celebrates, nor demonic celebrations – even if they have pure motives. We should be in the world but not of it.


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  1. Well said, Wb. I wish more people saw it this way. In our previous place of congregating, we stood against this move to incorporate Halloween into the Church, especially since we spend the rest of the year preaching against the paganism of everyone else.

    Why is this a double standard?

    When I was growing up in south Louisiana, the only places that held Fall Festivals was the Catholic churches. Then, it started to creep in a bit. Now? Well, now it’s okay. No questions asked, and if you do, well, the names fly.

  2. It makes it hard for my kids who play with kids influences so strongly by the world and its traditions.

  3. It also makes it hard to be in a church which does such things and not allow my kids to be adversely affected by the desire the church is showing to compromise with the world.

  4. What bothers me about that is that some pastors, parents feel the need to speak to the children about coming, and asking them to ask their parents (that would be us) about coming – knowing fully our stances.

  5. It is a strange reality that the Roman Catholic Church just came out with a statement against the pagan practises of Halloween. People can pull it up if they care?
    Fr. R.

    • It seems to me that the RCC developed the Solemnity of All Saints (All Hallows or Hallowmas or All Saints day) and All Souls day in an apparent attempt at co-opting the festival that propitiated spirits ( So it makes it weird the RCC would be against the pagan practices of Halloween.

      What does “People can pull it up if they care?” mean?

  6. wb,
    Sorry that was the site I sent (should have sent with first post).

  7. It needs to be said, that when I was raised Irish Roman Catholic in Dublin, 50’s, part of the 60’s. There was no superstitious nonsense allowed on All Saints day, least what I can remember? Not saying that praying for the dead is biblical, but we Irish then were not about Halloween. There is a real difference between a Roman Catholic in the UK, and what is going on in South America. True, when the RCC takes on this allowed superstitous mess, perhaps then we can take Rome more serious as a “Catholic” Church!
    Fr. R.

  8. I agree with your post, not just about Holloween, but Christmas and Easter… It is all Paganisim…. we should celebrate the Holy days stated in the Bible, but this is so deep within people that everyone does it, keeps the pagan holidays, that it is normal and God would approve…. NOT!

    • I read a King James only bible say that Easter is a proper translation and that anything not King James is wrong. They try to prove it can’t be Passover. I guess strong’s concordance is wrong. Strong’s concordance says it is Passover.

      Strong’s concordance says; The paschal sacrifice (which was accustomed to be offered for the people’s deliverance of old from Egypt)
      The paschal feast, the feast of the Passover, extending from the 14th to the 20th day of the month Nisan

      • Yeah, I dont like reading the King James, just because of the older English. But the New King James is nice to read. No one will never make a KJV-only person out of me.

  9. I currently attend a United Methodist Church. They have trunk or treat with other United Methodist churches in the area. I think it is wrong. But many would say it doesn’t mean that to me. Churches take something that was a pagan practice and many times have it on a different day. And they say it has nothing to do with Satan or Halloween. Many don’t allow there children to trick or treat on the local night. But say trunk or treat on a different night is not the same. God did not like it when the Israelites took pagan traditions and mixed it with his order of worship. I can’t think of a good example. But I think trunk or treat is taking a pagan thing (Trick or treating) and saying it is not about Satan or Halloween. I think I need to leave that church. But I attended there about 30 years. They also do hanging of the greens and a Christmas tree in the sanctuary. They say it doesn’t mean what it means to the pagans. I think it is wrong. And Most Christian churches call resurrection Sunday Easter. Many say the name Easter has nothing to do with the Babylonian practices. Many say Easter is an Anglicization of a German word for a pagan festival. Many say it has nothing to do with that. I did not speak up to the church and say trunk or treat hints of a pagan tradition and we should have no part of it. I think I need to leave there but think people will think I an extremist or something. Worry about what people will think.

    • I dont know if you need to leave or not.

      I would seek God’s will in the matter. Certainly, if sin is embraced or cherished there, then that’s probably not the church I’d want to attend. But be sure its sin and not a difference of opinion.

      I dont think rabbits lay eggs. I dont like celebrating fertility on Resurrection Sunday.

      But yes, you will be thought to be a strange one – but I’m a strange one and I’m ok with that. ;)

  10. Here is what a pastor told me. So… you want to leave because we celebrate Jesus’ birth, his resurrection and also provide a safe, fun, non-demonic, outreach to kids? Many of the people hand out gospel tracts along with the candy. I know that you do not want to sound like an extremist, but those views are extreme. I would check your resources, and the internet is not a good resource, anything can be posted there without discretion, do not trust the internet.
    Sorry to hear that are leaving, I sincerely hope you reconsider. I would think they would say something like I encourage you to keep attending while you continue to study the matters.

    • My feeling is that we must God where God wants us. I dont celebrate Halloween (October 31), or all saints day (November 1), or all souls day (November 2). I celebrate Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the door of his church (October 31). I celebrate Christmas – but not santa. I use a fake tree, but have been considering no tree (my wife would likely die from tree withdrawls). I celebrate Passover and Resurrection Sunday.

      But I also celebrate independence day, Memorial day, and Labor Day.

      I think its a matter where we should not judge each other, and where each person must be convinced in his/her own conscience/mind.

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