Another reason Christians should care about who gets into political office

Christians should vote for people who share similar values to what they have. The reason I say this is because a President who appoints people to positions of influence will likely choose people who hold morals and ideals which are similar to theirs. But perhaps that idea is mistaken, given who the president chose for safe school zcar – Mr. Jennings. This man has recommended books for 12 year olds which not only promote homosexuality but are pornographic! See here for more info (
). I disagree with, but can understand, the desire to have children read books showing homosexuality in a good light, given the apparent desire to manipulate the minds of children so they support and/or embrace homosexuality as adults. But it is something else entirely to recommend sexually explicit books. The explicitness is way beyond what is found in things like Catcher In The Rye.

I’m just guessing and there are no guarrantees, but I think if a president who embraced conservative morals was in office, it is likely that the person put in the position of safe school czar would likely not have recommended 12 year olds read pornographic books.

Of course, there ARE those who say Christians should avoid the political realm, and focus only on sharing the gospel. But who will protect the children of the nation (or the world) before the entire world is saved? Personally, I’d like to see people elected to office who hold similar values to mine, so laws and regulations will have more a likelihood to reflect my morals and not endanger children. At the same time, we should evangelize and make disciples as we go, in what ever area of life we find ourselves.


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  1. Amazing, that it was the Christians who, without laws to protect children in the Roman empire, survived and grew into close communities, dependent upon one another.

    Seems to me that too many are depending upon laws rather than God – the laws of the adversary to whom all governments owe allegiances.

    • What is surprizing is that so many christians would spurn the work of God – God established a nation on earth whose people are the government and christians ignore what God has provided, claiming God doesnt want them to participate in what He has provided.

  2. And people believe that contrary to what the bible says, in that the kingdoms of this world, while established by God, are still controlled by the adversary, that somehow, the USA alone is God’s chosen country.

    Must of post-Catholic Europe could have been said to be the same, or other democracies.

    Of course, many could say that democracies are the most satanic of all governments because it makes the citizens all little gods.

  3. Democratic freedom is a strange reality sometimes, for good or evil. Since one of my favorite studies is the era of the Victorian society, here we can see perhaps the best in modern times of the goverment of a limited constitutional monarchy. Certainly not perfect, but was God’s providence for a time of great biblical and spiritual renewal, both Protestant and Catholic. And even a Jewish Prime minister, in Benjamen Disraeli. The list of great Christians in every area of life in Great Britain is profound in this period. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

  4. And one word comes to mind – Apostasy: Abandonment of what one has voluntarily professed; total desertion of the principles of faith!

  5. Here is a favorite verse for this subject I believe, and nice in the KJV…
    “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepth the law, happy is he.” (Prov. 29: 18)

    Antinomianism seems to be a real problem in some Evangelicals today. But the moral law of God is still within the very wisdom of God’s Word and His ‘Law & Gospel’.

    It is this very centre of “spirit & truth” that we must seek for our leaders, if the Judeo-Christian world-view is to even remain…the moral law of God!

  6. Amen! Our CHRIST-ian rights and privileges are being sytematically stripped. Please join us in the fight to restore America back to a CHRIST-ian nation. Check out this site and tell your friends and family.
    Love in Christ, Cat888

    • Cat,

      The thing is, I think the motivation of what you suggest is wrong.

      We are to be devoted to God, love God and others, obey Christ, and share the gospel so people repent and turn to God through faith in Christ, teaching people to obey what Christ has taught. I think some people are called by God to government work (including political office), so godly laws can be enacted, adjudicated, and enforced. This is one way for people who love God to show love – by stopping/preventing laws which show a lack of love.

      I think we should base laws and regulations upon the truths and godly morals found in the Bible, so long as we are NOT trying to force people to follow Christ through law, nor trying to establish religion. This is what the founding fathers did, I think. This was a Christian nation in only two senses: the majority of the population considered themselves followers of Christ, and the government and laws were drawn from principles found in the Bible. But that does not mean the government was Christian.

      I have not yet been convinced we need to try to form a Christian nation through law. I do not think we are to try to force people to be Christian by law. People need to hear the gospel, change and turn to God through faith in Christ to become Christian, and I dont think our constitution allows the government to spread the gospel.

  7. wb,
    You might want to check out some theological thought and books, about ‘Law & Gospel’? (Gal. 4:4-5) – Fr. R.

  8. thanks Fr. R.

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