The Christmas story begins before time began

The Christmas story does not begin at the birth of Christ. Neither does it begin with Moses, nor with Abraham. It does not even begin at the garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

No, the need for a redeemer was not God’s plan B that He put into effect when Adam and Eve failed Him somehow. The need for a redeemer was part of God’s plan from the beginning – it was plan A, not plan B. God knows everything and His plan includes everything, even the failure of man to be obedient.

Albert Mohler does a good job explaining:


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  1. Yes, God’s plan comes from both God’s eternality of sovereignty and love, but always too the love of the Triune God, the Father for the Son, the Son for the Father, and the bond and person of that love – the Holy Spirit. Also here we see the heart & mind of God for our eternal redemption…1 Peter 1:2 / John 1:14 ; 18, and the truth and love of this bond (2 John 3), “our” ‘grace’, ‘mercy’ and ‘peace’. – Fr. R.

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