Theology for theology’s sake is missing something

Sarah Groves is wise. She realizes that people dont have to have their theological ducks in a row before they dive into the Bible. I wish more people were like that. We wont get it all right. Some of it is open to interpretation. Other is so obscure its really hard to understand. Other parts can be understood as literal, poetry, hyperbole, etc…. Should the differences stop us from reading it?

“While I value theology… theology for theology’s sake… it bothers me, because I feel like its missing a vital relational point. If my neighbor wants to think the story of Adam and Eve is a poem, God expressing a poem, then I can enter in there. It doesn’t change anything about my walk with Christ. It doesn’t change anything about the power of the Bible and this gospel…. There are things about it we don’t know. This is not an exhaustive documentation of who God is. It is God’s interaction with mankind.”

“… I think that a lot of people feel hesitant because of all the sort of walls that are built about the right way to approach the Bible. I think just eat it…. It is our living bread. Regardless of how you are coming at it – whether you grew up in church or you have no church background, I believe there are important life giving truths. Just come and eat. Don’t feel you have to have your theological ducks in a row before you come and dive into some of this stuff.”


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