The Bible: What God is doing

… The Bible is not a book of rules. Its not about what we should be doing. Its about what God is doing Its not about people who got it all right. Its about flawed human beings and this over-arching meta-narrative about God intersecting humanity….


7 Responses

  1. First, it is clear that Sarah has no clue what she is talking about. As we all know, the ‘minor’ prophets is a discriminatory term. And Jeremiah, really? A second rate individual.

    Now, the Prophet Joel…that’s a prophet.

    • well… the truth is, we KNOW Jeremiah was a bull frog….
      What makes you think that if you wouldn’t kiss a bull frog that you would listen to one?

      is there a Joel in the Bible?

  2. Dirty, man, just dirty

  3. “Meta-narrative”, well she has learned a theological word from her father. That’s a good thing. How about Salvation history? But God bless her zeal in a good way.

    • I think her point is that the Bible is an important part of her life, and why.

      Many people who call themselves Christians, indeed, even many so called leaders, do not find the Bible important to them.

      I love that she describes the Bible as being about flawed people and what God is doing. I think she makes a good point. This particular clip was not about salvation – it was about why the Bible has meaning for her.

      While it DOES have do’s and don’ts, that is NOT what the Bible is about. It is the history of God’s interaction with man through the eyes of one faimly, telling us who God is, what God has done, what God WILL do and what God wants from us and for us (which includes salvation).

  4. I was not being negative really, and it is a very good thing to love the Word of God. Her star or performer status lets her get up and talk about God and His word. Another good thing for the most part. Again God bless her zeal!

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