The folks who want the ability to murder children were up in arms about Focus on the Family using Tim Tebow in an ad….

Wow. The pro-“choice” folks were so frantic about the fact that Tim Tebow and Focus of the Family were putting an ad out that spoke of the Tebow story in the first quarter of the Super Bowl. They were convinced that somehow it would condemn the the murder of children, oh wait, the free choice of people. I actually heard someone complain they wanted the equal opportunity to present their side. I say if they want to pay for an ad in the first quarter of the super bowl to advertise killing children, then let them pay for it. But don’t complain because someone else is paying to encourage folks to come check out a ministry which helps people.

I read someone complaining that its a lie that Mrs Tebow was told to abort in the Philippines because its against the law there. But the fact is, that abortion was allowed to save the life of the mother.

The people who were all up in arms did more  to get people to focus on Focus on the Family than anything else. The complaints were free publicity.

And what did the ads say? That Tim’s a miracle baby and he loves his mom and his mom loves him. Wow! What a terrible thing to put in an ad!!!! (that’s sarcasm, for those who did not get it).

Go here to check out the ads and the full story:


5 Responses

  1. I think FoF deserves to be recognized for the best play of the game. (I say that, not having watched the Super Bowl itself.)

    They had to know that their name would make pro-aborts go nuts. And then the ad turned out to be less threatening than the Y2K bug. It boiled down to “I love my son” and “I love my mom.” Pretty controversial stuff, there.

    Once the pro-aborts finish wiping the egg off of their faces, they’ll realize that they laid bare the “pro-choice” lie for what it is.

  2. When the head of NOW came out and said that it wasn’t that offensive, then you know it wasn’t. How could it be to be truly pro-life.

    This wasn’t even an anti-choice commerical.

    They did, I believe, what Christ said to do – they put the message in love.

  3. See, that’s the thing. I don’t mind giving credit where credit is due. I am a fair individual, and when a group goes above and beyond to do something such as this, I laud them.

    And I am so thankful I live in WV, as no one will notice my missing teeth.

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