A story of the occult

What follows is the story of a little seven year old boy.

The young 7 year old boy was called from his second grade classroom into the principle’s office. Once there, he was told his parents wanted him to go home right away. He had ridden his bike to school, but when he left the principle’s office and went outside, the sky was overcast and the wind was very strong. In fact, the wind was so strong he was unable to ride his bike home. Instead, he had to push the bike for a few feet, then lay it down and bend down and rest. The young boy only lived 3 or 4 blocks from school, and on a normal day, he could walk from home to school (or back) in 5-10 minutes. But this day, the wind was blowing so strongly that this day it took him nearly 45 minutes to get home. When he arrived home, it was still windy, cloudy, and overcast, and there were police cars all over the place. But as he walked onto the front lawn, pushing his bike, the clouds parted, the sun came out and the wind stopped.

The young man walked into the house and a policeman met him and told him that his dad wanted to talk to him in the hallway. He walked into the hall, and there was his dad, with another police officer. His dad said that his mom had locked herself in her bedroom and would not come out. He said she had insisted she wanted to talk to the young boy. The young man looked at his dad like he was crazy, because the lock on the door did not work, and has not worked in forever. But his dad showed him the door was locked by turning the doorknob, rattling it, unsuccessfully trying to open the door.

The young boy shook his head, put his hand on the knob, turned it, and walked into the bedroom. The lights were out. The drapes were drawn. It was pitch black. The room felt as if it was overfilled with pure evil. The door closed itself behind the young boy. Apparently it locked again, because he heard someone trying unsuccessfully to turn the doorknob again, in a futile attempt to open the door. He tried to turn on the lights, but  although the light switch flipped up, the light would not come on. The only light he could see was the red coming from his mother’s normally brown eyes. The frightened young boy took one look and said, “You’re not my mom! Mommy, come back! Mommy, come back! God please bring Mommy back!” The lights came on, the door unlocked, and the feeling of evil left.

His mother was a Roman Catholic, a Mexican woman from the border of Mexico and Texas. She had grown up superstitious, with folk/faith healing being a common practice. She had been involved with the order of Rosecrucians, transcendental meditation, the ouija board, speaking to the dead, prayer to the dead, astral projection, and who knows what else. Eventually, it all caught up to her. The young man was convinced she was possessed, and somehow the door, which had a lock that had not worked since before they moved into the house and never worked again afterwards, was able to be locked against everyone but him. The powered on lights were somehow not shining (bright or otherwise). The feeling of evil was palpable. In fact, until the young man cried out to God, evil pervaded both the room and the mother.  But God answered his cry! God removed the evil – from both the room and the mother.

The occult is real. Demons and evil spirits are real. God says we should not consult the dead. The dead are real. God is real.

For those of you who are caught up in spiritual warfare, know that you are not crazy. God answers those who cry out to Him. We must leave evil behind, focus on God and seek God and obey God. Here is a pretty good post on how to fight demons. But personally, I suggest you read Ephesians 6:10-18.


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