how many must die at the hands of atheists?

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Lets see what all the benefits we have to look forward to in an atheistic government. I know I’ve posted this in another thread, but it’s worth reposting here.
1789: 5,000 clergy martyred by atheists in France
1871: 20,000 clergy martyred by atheists in Paris
1917: 1 million Russsian orthodox believers martyred by Bolsheviks in USSR
1918: 60,000 orthodox martyred by Bolsheviks in Georgia
1921-1950: 15 million Christians die in prison camps in USSR
1925-1950: 1.2 million Christians die as USSR tries to liquidate Roman Catholicism.
1927: 500,000 Iranian Christians are slaughtered by USSR…many by crucifixion.
1927: 600,000 all German origin Lutherns are killed by Stalin
1928: 95% of all orthodox parishes martyred in Ukraine.
1929-1937: 14.5 million Christian peasants are starved to death by order of Stalin.
1927-1938: 200,000 Christians exterminated in Belarus, USSR
1935: 1 million in underground churches martyred in USSR
1937-1945: 120,000 martyred in final attempt to destroy orthodox church in USSR.
1938: 30,000 Armenian orthodox and Catholics martyred by Soviet Secret Police.
1940: 150,000 shot or die in prison in Baltics.
1944: 5,000 Christians die in Albania
1945: 3.5 million Ukrainian Catholics killed by atheist Soviets.
1948: 70 Baptists are martyred (some buried alive) by Chinese atheists.
1948: 500,000 in underground churches are martyred in Russia.
1948: 2,500 Christians die in Hungarian prisons.
1949: 1.2 million Tibetans (not all Christians though) were massacred by atheist China.
1950: 500,000 more killed by atheist Chinese.
1950: 200,000+ North Korean Christians killed by atheist government.
1950-1980: 900,000 Christians “liquidated” in Eastern Europe by atheists.
1950-1980: 5 million Christians die in prison camps in USSR.
1952: 74,000 Christians die in vicious persecution in China.
1959-1963 (only three years time): 25 million (25,000,000)Christians die in “great leap forward” in China.
1959: 15,000 Christians killed by atheist Castro in Cuba.
1962: 10,000 Baptists killed in Albania by atheists.
1966: 2.5 million Christians killed or in prison camps during “Proletarian Cultural Revolution” in atheist China.
1969: 7,000 Roman Catholic leaders killed by atheists in Czechoslovakia.
1970: 60,000 Protestants die in mass killings by KGB.
1974 20,000 Christians killed or imprisoned by communists in Laoz.
1975-1985: 65,000 Christians butchered by atheists in Vietnam.
1975-1979: 2 million slaughtered by atheist Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, including all Christians.
1977-1980: 90,000 Christians die in “Red Terror” in Ethiopia.
1979-1983: 70,000 die in Sandista Revolution in Nicaragua.
1980: 400 Christian Soldiers refuse to kill Afghanis and are executed.
1980-1993: 30,000 Christian peasants are killed by “Maoist Shining Path” guerillas in Peru.
1984: 5,000 Christians die in communist Poland.
1989: 3,000 die in Tiananmen Square massacre by atheist China.
1989: 20,000 Christians massacred by secret police in Romania.
At present time there are millions of Christians still in prison camps in China.

According to the authors of the research (Barrett, David and Todd Johnson. 2001. World Christian Trends, AD 30-AD 2200: Interpreting the Annual Christian Megacensus. Pasadena, California, USA: William Carey Library, some findings can be found here:,+AD+30-AD+2200:+Interpreting+the+Annual+Christian+Megacensus&source=bl&ots=YNN4UyhKeT&sig=mHRQjrzRJn3-VpbJ63PqIdNAdmY&hl=en&ei=S3JqTOr8JoP-8AbgwsCrAw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=3&ved=0CB0Q6AEwAg

more used to be available at

This does not count any of the Christians in the middle east who have died or those who are in prison awaiting execution…

At a steady rate over the last 20 centuries, and in all 238 countries, 70 million Christians have been martyred -killed,executed,murdered -for Christ.


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  1. If only there was some sort of afterlife, then it would all be irrelevant.

    • I realize there’s some sarcasm in that statement, but there is truth in it as well. No death is truly irrelevant, and every death matters, dying for Christ is actually a good thing. Those who trust Christ have the promise of an everlasting life with God in heaven.

  2. And then there is the Black Book of Communism … incidentally wbmoore, how are you doing? Are things well with you?

    • Job, HI.

      I’m adjusting, thanks. God has provided and more. I just have to remember to rely upon Him instead of trying to do it all in my own power.

  3. wbmoore:

    That is great to hear. I will remember you in my prayers.

  4. What about all the people killed in the name of Christ? There are still people being slaughtered to this day for atheism. It seems that religions based on love seem to be the most violent towards nonbelievers. Does anyone remember the crusades? All in the name of a loving and kind God. Atheist aren’t the only victims to religious violence though. Different sectors of Christianity have often fought amongst themselves as well. It seems that the different flavors of Christianity are never able to exist peacefully. The Spanish Inquisitions are another prime example. It would be blind to say that atheist are the only threat to god-fearing people. You’re more of a threat to one another than an atheist is to you.

    • You are correct, many people died over the roughly 200 years of the crusades – approximately 200,000 (

      the Spanish inquisition? (

      García Cárcel estimates that the total number processed by the Inquisition throughout its history was approximately 150,000; applying the percentages of executions that appeared in the trials of 1560–1700 — about 2% — the approximate total would be about 3,000 put to death. Nevertheless, very probably this total should be raised keeping in mind the data provided by Dedieu and García Cárcel for the tribunals of Toledo and Valencia, respectively. It is likely that the total would be between 3,000 and 5,000 executed.

      So yes, sadly there have been deaths in the name of Christ.

      But that is no where near the number of people who have been killed by those who claim are or were atheists – 70 million Christians have been martyred -killed,executed,murdered -for Christ.

      So no – your belief that a Christian is in more danger from another Christian than from an atheist is unfounded and ignores reality.

  5. But none of these have been given any context, 99.65% of these atrocities were committed by communist governments, not because they hated Christians, but because Stalin, Mao-Tse Tung and the other communist leaders didn’t want to compete with another power that had a huge influence on other peoples lives.

    • I think you will find that true communists hate Christians – this is evident when one reads anything by Richard Wurmbrand. He was a Romanian Jew who became a Christian under the Russian communist regime. ITs a fascinating read. You can order a free copy of one of his books, “Tortured for Christ” from here: . I think you will find it was because he was a Christian that he was tortured.

      • Exactly my point, these people were not murdered for atheism, they were murdered for communism.

        • Well, no. There is the concept of religious communism, as well as the idea of Christian communism. But the murderers were not religious or christian communists; it was atheist communists who kill the Christians.

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