Family Missions

I thought I would also provide links to organizations which encourage families to go on mission trips together – impacting the world for Christ… – Dayspring is one of the few ministries that welcome family mission trips.  We have seen the importance of families experiencing the mission field together.  A family mission trip allows younger children to experience missions with the security of traveling and working with their parents.   The whole family can experience a vacation with a purpose that will continue to impact their children for the rest of their lives.  Dayspring has hosted family mission trips with family members as young as 3 months old.  We give special prices to family members. – Families were God’s idea, so let Him use your family to impact families for Christ around the world. Seems impossible considering no one in your family has shared the gospel before, right? What you can’t do, God can as we’ve seen Him do with any family willing to be obedient to Jesus’ Great Commission.

– Be sure to select family and what age groups your family is in. Then search where ever you would like to minister. – An Orphanage Outreach family mission is an excellent way to spend your summer vacation. It’s humbling to volunteers of all ages to work with these talented and dynamic but disadvantaged children. – Strengthen your family bond and develop a “Great Commission oriented” family by serving together on the mission field for a week. A family mission trip is a great tool for parents to use to assist in building a mission mindset and worldview in the heart of their elementary aged children and high school young people. – Lifetree Adventures are perfect for families just like yours. Together you’ll show Christian love to people in need and grow closer to each other – and to God – as you serve alongside one another. Even small children can contribute to the work, learning the sense of accomplishment and joy that comes from giving of themselves to help others. – World Servants family trips are designed with your family in mind.  Because our family trips focus specifically on the needs of families, they provide an incredible opportunity for parents to instill Christian values of service, love, faith and joy in their children.  From the construction and ministry projects to the evening program, each day is scheduled to help connect your entire family through experiences that will have a lasting impact in each person’s life.  It is done in a way that leaves time for you as a family to be together as well.  As your family serves together, you will grow closer while sharing a family experience you will never forget. – Multi-generational trips are tailored to the needs and capabilities of groups from all ages and will provide meaningful service opportunities as well as cultural and recreational opportunities for every generation to enjoy. – providing missions opportunities to families. – We want to enable families to make service a vital part of their family life. We have created the opportunity for families to serve together as a unit, children working with parents.This can take place over a long weekend (outside the time of the summer trips) or week long time frame (year round). Families are able to serve the elderly, do home repair or serve in any number of ways. . . /Families_on_Mission.htm – Families on Mission offers a unique, five day mission experience that allows children, youth and adults to build a legacy of missions by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of others through relevant servanthood and direct evangelism experiences. Families have the privilge to be “hands on” as they participate in devotions, ministry projects and worship together. Mission activities include prayer walking, light construction, painting, yard work, Vacation Bible School, sports camps, block parties, acts of kindness and other evangelistic events –  Every member of your family has a strategic role in God’s Great Commission. Every member. No matter how young or old. No matter how much or how little life experience. God uses every willing heart in His kingdom work. Families can join just about any “open” STEM Team. Through the mission field “classroom” of hands-on learning and serving, a STEM short-term mission can help your family experience first-hand God’s heart for the nations.  And what a great opportunity for homeschool families to join together in learning and mission. God has prepared your family as a unique harvest force (that is, any family who is available to touch the world with God’s love and salvation, while modeling what a redeemed family can be). We’ve got a place for your family to join or form a STEM Team and minister for 1, 2, or 3 weeks in any one of more than a dozen locations, domestic or international. – For many homeschooling families, taking an overseas missions trip with a child (or several children) sounds utterly impossible. “How could our family afford it?” “How could we take that much time off work?” “How is it possible to travel with kids?” “But what about our homeschooling?” These are all legitimate questions, but more importantly, why not ask, Dear Lord, would You ever want our family (or me, or one or my children, or a group from our homeschooling community, or a team from our church) to go on a mission outreach? If God answers, “Yes,” then the only legitimate questions to ask are When? and Where? and, in faith, Well, Lord, then how do You want us to obey? Instead of responding with fear and doubt like Zacharias (Luke 1:18), have a willing heart like Mary (Luke 1:38), when she said, “Let it be to me according to Your word. If God calls you or our child to missionary work, He will open the way for you, and He will provide more than enough of His grace and provision. – safe, affordable and fully-organized mission/adventure trips to Costa Rica and helps the people therein, especially children and families, gain the basic resources necessary for a healthy life.  Mission opportunities include home, public school and church construction and repair, construction and repair in orphanages and schools for special-needs kids, playground installation, retirement center construction/remodeling, participation in feeding programs for children, wheelchair and book donation/distribution, education grants, etc. General medical teams can now be utilized in various areas as well. Adventure excursions include national parks, volcanoes, beaches, waterfalls, rain/cloud forests, wildlife preserves, etc., and additional outings are available at an additional cost from Costa Rican tour agencies (tree zip line canopy rides, white-water rafting, horseback riding, four-wheeling, scuba, snorkeling, butterfly observatories, hot springs, etc.). – The mission of CATALYST is to encourage Christian mission education, discipleship, and the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through quality short-term mission projects.


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