Why Catching Flies With Honey Is Not Evangelism

I think Job has a really really really GREAT post on the difference between evangelism and what passes for trying to get people into church today. I wish I had written it, its so good.

I hope you will read it, because you need to do so. I pray God will use it to remind people that He wants people to REPENT and turn to Him through faith in Christ. This does not mean feel good or live a better life (meaning more meaningful or wealthier or you-fill-in-the-blank). It means God wants you to confess your sins, stop doing them, accept What God has done (sent Christ as Savior, the Lamb of God to suffer and die for your sins) and will do (judge everyone).

Go read what Job wrote, it was inspired:



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  1. Thank you for your support. You have been in my prayers.

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