Huw Raphael on What It Was Like to Be Affirmed in Homosexuality

An article by Huw Raphael about being homosexual but wondering if 2000 years of othodox Christianity was right, and the modern liberal church wrong.

I was in Hell. I know what Hell is.

Hell is knowing that there is the slightest possibility that the Jesus Seminar folks and other “new theologians” are wrong and that 2,000 years of orthodox Christians are right: that homosexual sex might be evil. Hell is standing next to those who end a conversation about this question by saying, “Oh, shut up.” Hell is being told that all the gospel is wrong—that two millennia of your brothers and sisters in the faith were wrong—and that Jesus loves you just as you are and does not ask you to change, that modern Christianity will just throw out everything that disagrees with this picture of Jesus. Hell is being told that this nihilism and denial of any and all truth is exactly what church is supposed to be—liberating us from the dark past of sin and law and guilt.

Hell is finding out that no one really wants “a relationship” no matter how much they want it blessed or accepted; rather, that they want easier sex, the right to demand acceptance from their neighbors, and the ability to collect a partner’s insurance payments. Hell is knowing that they would also like the blessed relationship to be open, not monogamous, with a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and weekends free to play around. And don’t judge us, please.

. . .

Hell welcomes you in from the cold . . . by leaving all the windows and doors wide open and turning off the heat (too great a change can be a shock, you know). It requires no change. It asks for no shift in vision. “We value every person and support a widely diverse community” means “We have no standards,” means “We offer nothing you do not already have,” that there is no difference between church and Denny’s
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2 Responses

  1. The whole question is not, “Does humanity want freedom from sin and self? but rather, Can it have a freedom it can manage according to its own set of standards, apart from The Holy Bible and Jesus Christ?

    I think we know the answer – it wants to find ways to coddle and manage its sin, that is, until it really gets bad enough. And then maybe, just maybe, it will check out the claims of Jesus Christ.

    • I find it encouraging to read or hear different people whi had a vested interest in holding onto their sin begin to mofe towards God.

      All of us make mistakes, have the wool pulled over our heads, have our ears tickled. But it is those who want to know God who begin to move past that, towards embracing God and God’s forgiveness, love, and righteousness. And I find that VERY uplifting.

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