Do you want a godly spouse?

Sadly, my children will always be affected by the divorce of their parents. But this does not mean they can not seek someone who loves God enough so they each seek a godly spouse.

This is what I want for my children.  I want my daughter to love God so much that she wants a man of God. I want my sons to love God so much that they want a woman of God.

Pray for a godly spouse. Seek a godly spouse. Do not date or marry someone who is not godly. If you are already married to someone who is not godly, do not leave your marriage, but pray for your spouse to become a godly person who loves God more than life.

I love this quote:

 But I am so thankful for everything the Lord has taught me through the pain and the hurt. I have seen how important it is to fall in love with HIM first before I dare put my heart in the hands of anyone here on earth. He has taught me the importance of abiding in Him, and losing myself in Him so that one day, when the time comes, I can be confident that whoever you are, the Lord has spent years preparing you to love me, to love our family and to love Him rightly.

My biggest prayer for you, is that every single day, every day of your life that He would be e n o u g h for you.

That every single day, you would be willing to give everything to follow Him.

That you would get up early in the morning and spend time with Him before you roll over and whisper that you love me.

That you would spend hours in prayer every single day for me, and that you would pray with me multiple times throughout the day.

That you would be making disciples wherever you are now, and that one day when we meet you can tell me all about these people, and tell me about where they are in their walk with the Father, and who they are pouring into.

My prayer is that right now, you would be pure, and that you would not be of the world, no matter how common it is at our age.

My prayer for you is that you would be a leader.

My prayer for you is that you would be compassionate, gentle, kind, selfless, patient, patient, forgiving, wise, and patient.

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