Bible: archeology, historicity, dates, facts, study

Bible, facts, study – also see Roman Catholic Church

Apparent Discrepancies in the Bible

The age of the earth…

Bible Study

Acts of the Apostles – Commentary on the book of Acts

Bible Study Questions

Galatians – book study: grace, Law, and salvation.

How to Study the Bible using Galatians as an example

Hebrews – book study and salvation

Observations in studying a Biblical passage

Outlining a biblical passage

What is a word study?

Bible history, historicity

Archeology and the Bible

Dates for New Testament Books

Historical accuracy of the Bible: Did Theophilus And Caiaphas exist?

Historical Accuracy of Bible: links for research

Historicity of books of the Bible

In what language(s) was the New Testament written?

Is the Bible Trustworthy?

Did Jesus trust the Old Testament?

Dinosaurs, Dragons, and Sea Monsters, Oh My!

Faith and Science

Hiding behind the Bible

Inerrant Autographa

Is Mark 16:18 literal?

Is the story of Adam and Eve real?

Psalm 23: Who Is God?

Significance of The Mosaic Law

The Bible and Experience

The Bible should be the basis of our beliefs, not man.

What does confess mean?

What does Justification mean?

What is the difference between general revelation and special revelation?

What is the difference between illumination, revelation, inspiration, and inscripturation?

What is the difference between inerrancy and infallibility?

What is the word of God?

Who wrote the Bible?

Why Should the Apocrypha books not be included in the Bible?

More on Why the Apocrypha should not be considered canonical.


2 Responses

  1. I’am sorry for posting this message i’ve just took a ploit LSD(bycicle drawed..), and realized that all troubles of humanity from lack of Love.
    Please love and forgive yourself and your brothers and sisters. We are just on love.
    i would ike to recommend you a book which can give good psychological mood-up:
    Sorry for flooding and offtopic, you can just delete this message, if you’ve read it, the mission is done…

    • I sort of agree with you.

      All our troubles DO stem from a lack of love – the love of and for God and the love of and for our brothers and sisters. We need to accept the love of God by trusting in the death of Christ on the cross to pay the price of our sins so we can be with God, if we believe. This in turn will cause us to grow to become more like Christ, showing His love in all aspects of our lives.

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