Marriage and Relationships

Series on verses and concepts from the Bible concerning marriage

Who created marriage? 1/15

Is it acceptable to marry? 2/15

Is it acceptable to not marry? 3/15

How do you find a spouse? 4/15

What happens when people marry? 5/15

Love 6/15

Behavior of the Couple (positive) 7/15

Behavior of the couple (negative) 8/15

Behavior of the Husband (positive) 9/15

Behavior of the Husband (negative) 10/15

Behavior of the wife (positive) 11/15

Behavior of the wife (negative) 12/15

Sex outside of marriage (13/15)

Sex within marriage (14/15)

Summary of marriage (15/15)

Being a dad and husband

Do you want a godly spouse?

God hates divorce

God said to not have multiple spouses (one wife)

Is being engaged the same as being married?

Is remarriage allowed after divorce?

Leadership in the Home

Head of the House

Why do some Christians believe men should lead and women should follow?

More on male leadership in marriage

Even more on male leadership in the home

Yet even more on male leadership in the home

What are the limits to submission?

Female leadership in the home

 Men, do you have any idea what it means to be a husband?


Some Marriage Principles

The Bible and premarital sex.

The Family Functions as a Little Church

Who determines if a relationship is healthy or acceptable?

Whom should I marry?

Young adults leave the church in droves!

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