How to know whether you are saved

Claiming to be Christian while living sinfully and denying the power of God

How to know if you are saved

Want evidence that you are saved?

God’s choice or ours?


Does God choose people to be saved, or do people choose God and so are saved?

Does God hate people?

Does man choose God, or does God choose man?

Election – is it because of us or God?

GOD chooses

If God wants everyone to be saved, why did Christ purposefully speak in parables?

Is being a Calvinist or Arminian a prerequisite to salvation?

More on predestination versus “free will”: Will EVERYONE be granted repentance?

Monergism vs. Synergism


The Potter and His clay

rebuttal to Five dangers of Calvinism

“unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God” is a description, not a command

Why would God command all to repent but not everyone will?

Who saves us and can we loose our salvation?

Will everyone be saved? Universalism

Are some destined to destruction?

Christ is “the Savior of the world” but not all the world will be saved

Does everyone get resurrected?

Does Matthew 25:33-46 speak of the dividing of the spirit from the flesh?

Is eternal without end?

Is the parable of the wheat and tares about separating the body/carnal from the spirit?

Not everyone will be saved

Salvation, eternal life, eternal punishment

The will of God

What is meant in 1 Corinthians 15:22 by ” For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all will be made alive?”

Who puts on immortality?

Will everyone be saved?

Will some people face punishment or will all be saved?

Posts dealing with Salvation – also see evangelism

Are believing and repenting acts we do for salvation?

Can A Christian Live a Life Of Sin?

Can A Christian Live a Life Of Sin? #2

Does water baptism save us?

Is everyone in church a Christian?

Is water baptism part of the process of salvation?

what is the difference between being saved and eternal life?

What is meant by baptism for remission of sins?

Security of Salvation, perseverance of salvation

Can you lose your salvation?

Do you need to keep faith in Christ to be saved?

If we are truly saved, we can not lose our salvation. Are we truly saved?

Losing one’s salvation and cheap grace

More on whether one can loose one’s salvation

More passages that might show one can lose their salvation

Once Saved Always Saved

Once saved always saved, or can you loose your salvation?

Saving faith versus saying faith

We are not saved by dead works nor by a claim of belief that is not accompanied by deeds, obedience, stopping sinning, or that does not last.

What does Scripture say about needing to persevere?

Who saves us and can we loose our salvation?

Synonyms of Salvation in Book of Hebrews

The Need for Belief, Love, and Obedience

What does the ‘if’ indicate in  Hebrews 3:6? – only those who persevere in faith are of the family AND community of God.


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