Leadership and ministry

These posts deal with leadership and ministry.

Are Seminaries preparing our ministers adequately?

Biblical Mentoring and Leadership Training in the Church

Book review: Churches That Make A Difference, Reaching Your Community with Good News and Good Works

Celibate priests?

Children and Youth religious vs non-religious instruction.

Churches are failing to disciple

Church leadership and structure

God Chooses Leaders

How do we address sinners and false teachers?

Is our basic church structure right or wrong?

Leadership in the church and being a priest

Personal Life and Spiritual Condition in Christian Leadership

Problems with adult, children, and youth ministry

Re-thinking ministry

Research shows young adults leave church, most adults believe there is more than one way to eternal life.

Should a church leader speak out for or against a political candidate from the pulpit?

Should churches and pastors stay out of politics?

Should leaders publically confess their sins?

Should people who want to serve God be prevented from doing so?

The Nature of the Church and the Function and Structure of Church Leadership

Verses dealing with Elder and Deacon

What sort of men does God choose as leaders?

What does the Bible say about women pastors or preachers?

Why People Think They Know More Than God

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