These posts deal with the issues of government, politics, the church and the individual.

A vote marks an approval

Do people who want laws passed that reflect their beliefs want a theocracy? Or Where does it say Christians should not be involved in politics?

Are all God’s covenants dominion covenants?

Dominion Process 

Dominionism vs. the will of God

Obama and faith

Pledge of Allegiance

Politics and the Christian

Purpose of Dominionism and the Church.

Should a church leader speak out for or against a political candidate from the pulpit?

Should Churches And Pastors Stay Out Of Politics?

Should Christians try to pass laws that are based on God’s word?

Should government, the church, or individuals provide support to the needy?

Should the political realm be off limits to Christians?

Should we pray for our president if we did not vote for him?

Should we vote according to the Bible?

Should we sign the Manhatten Declaration?

Was Bush the right person for the presidency?

Why do Christians care about any particular sin?

What and who you surround yourself with affects you.

Who has authority on earth according to dominionists and the Bible? 

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