Homosexual Sex

Posts dealing with Homosexual Sex

an ongoing discussion on homosexuality and the bible

Are Eunuchs In The Bible The Same As Homosexuals?

Christ DID Speak Out Against Homosexuality

Did homosexual relationships exist in Bible times?

Does being born homosexual matter when it comes to salvation?

Has The Nature Of Human Sexuality Changed?

Homosexual Sex is sin?

Homosexual Sex Is Sin Against Self And Partner

How Does Romans Teach Homosexuality Is Sin?

How does homosexual sex come against the Second Commandment?

Is Homosexual love the same as heterosexual love?

Is Homosexual Sex Considered To Be Immoral-Sex?

Is Homosexual Sin worse than heterosexual Sin?

Is Some Love Against The Fruit Of The Spirit?

Its NATURAL in the Animial Kingdom, so its ok for us….

Love and repentance

Lust or Love?

Ostracizing homosexual family members – DONT!

Reparative Therapy Works

Romans 1: judging, sex, passion

Romans 1:18-2:11-Sin and Righteousness

Should Someone Pursue Love With Someone Of The Same Gender?

Showing love instead of condemnation to people attracted to the same gender.

Summary on Homosexuality

Utilitarian perspective on homosexual sex, sex outside of marriage, cohabitation, abortion, and divorce

What did Christ say about immoral sex?

Who determines if a relationship is healthy or acceptable?

Will honest and righteous people go to heaven?

Will people go to hell because of what they do?


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